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  1. @Twatout anomalies like this happen sometimes, berwick (english) play in
    the scottish league.

  2. @fahad4fahad I think Cardiff should have won, your shots were mostly
    hopeful ones from outside the box and less than half of them were on
    target, your second goal was lucky as well – Kuyt slipped. You lacked
    creativity and didn’t look that good on the ball against a Championship
    side. I was in London anyway that night and Liverpool fans weren’t really
    celebrating that much, by Liverpool standards its absolutely shocking the
    amount of reverence the team has for a third rate trophy…

  3. cardiff ran us a close game! fair play to them, we just edged it! both sets
    of fans were excellent!

  4. So happy that Liverpool won I had so much faith in them plus I put bets on
    them winning so I won around £80

  5. Some1 tell me… Why the fuck are cardiff playing in a ENGLISH league when
    cardiff is a WELSH town?

  6. lmao racism but this guy does have a point liverpool had more possesion
    mmore shots more chances created while cardiff just got lucky, just because
    there the underdog it does not mean they deserve to win they just got lucky
    to get goals even and for liverpool to miss a couple of chances

  7. Unfortunately, there are too many Mancs on here, who claim this cup doesn’t
    matter all because they couldn’t handle Palaca

  8. That Cardiff player cunt tripped Kuyt in the box with 2 mins left,
    undeserved goal, but Liverpool still won. And fuck you to people that think
    I’m biased, I’m from Swansea.

  9. Stop saying that Cardiff should have win . Its Liverpool who are the
    Champions and not Cardiff you fucking twats .we have had 45 shots in this
    game and you retards are saying Cardiff should have won .

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