Carlisle Plays a Good Game against Oldham

Carlisle played against Oldham during the last weekend of September and it resulted in a win for the team. This was made possible by Olufela Olomola who was able to provide an early strike and this resulted in a home win, first of the League Two period. The victory score of the team was 1-0 against Oldham. While the game was on both sides put up a struggle. Both had to improve their positions in the league and Carlisle was glad that they were able to do so in front of the supporters in home ground.

The team had a start with flying action as Olomola was able to make a goal in the third minute. Olomola was trying to get another goal in the next few minutes but the goalkeeper of Oldham was able to block his shot. The ball, while in midfield, was played by the Latics with the fair measure as well. Missilou was able to put in effort across 20 yards; indeed, the visitors were able to come out strong after the break. There were several chances missed by both sides though the first goal by Olomola was a deciding one for Carlisle. He is a lone striker, was a boon for the team. The goal he scored in the game was his fifth and the team was able to get a clean sheet as well as three points.

Other players who pushed hard for goals were McKirdy who saved a free-kick and Hope fired wide. Sagaf and McKirdy made further attempts but then Ryan had to take the place of McKirdy who was injured. The chances to score goals were low and Tom Hamer along with Loft tried with strength and pace though Gary Woods saved their attempt. Olomola saw that a shot was saved while Oldham struggled to get more chances.

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