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  1. Well done to stoke yesterday i was there park lane yid!!! your fans were great Respect from me!! you sang and done your players proud!!! good to see

  2. cus tom jones was spotted at a stoke match and da fans started singin it at him
    it jsut stuck with us since then
    aparently he joined in singin it 4 us :L

  3. wtfs nosepaint goin on about? You don’t take hardly any away supporters with you, and your tickets are cheaper than most as well. I’ve been to both grounds and the support is shite¬!

  4. wonderful! couldnt of timed that song any better if tried!
    sheep, sheep, sheep shaggers!
    how was the long drive home that night boys? haha! 😀

  5. As a neutral, (Leicester) I have always enjoyed your Delilah song. What a great vid though as Stoke obliged and waited until just after you finished singing before scoring. Do the fans and the team practice that in the warm up…lol !!

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