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  1. Cardiff away in 99 was a great day out, they had many faces out that day and hands up they got the better of us when couple of our lot came out the side gate and got steamed into them. However you can’t forget what’s occured in the past when we’ve done you. Was dissapointed on saturday tho when cardiff mob turned down a ruck in kennington

  2. Millwall were certainly on the back foot back in 99, although must credit them for trying to break out of Ninian Park. Had some great ding dongs over the years the old bill and cctv winners everytime now, But on a personal note respect the wall.

  3. @CardiffFansPOV I don’t agree with the Gary Speed stuff but the jumping stuff, there’s nothing wrong with. It was about 100 people singing about Speed and luckily it didn’t catch on, the less said about it the better. We sang more than 3 songs from where I was sitting. ‘You’re just a third world country’!

  4. @CardiffFansPOV no, it wasn’t as good as last year i’ll admit that. But then again last year it was 3-3 so a very exciting game. Although yesterday wasn’t as bad as your making it out to be. Maybe it was because we were put quite far away from yous. I was in the stand to your left and usually that block with the flag on it is open.

  5. @millwalllboy9 Ye but it wasnt, 4 maybe. Your fans were shite, I went there expecting it to awesome, But the only reason it was good was because our fans brought some atmosphere, Your didnt live up to the reputation of last year

  6. @millwalllboy9 WTF no we didnt? We sung “You are my cardiff” “Greatest team in football” “Peter Whittingham does what he wants” Kevin Mcnaughton is the love of my life” i can name them all if you want, Did you even turn up, Or were you gone before the final whistle like the rest of your shitty fans!

  7. I love the way your using “the tunnel looks cheap” as an insult. Sure your not a Man u or Chelsea fan mate? Because if you ask me shit grounds are usually the best.

  8. @MillwallLads You sung 3 songs all day, Your stupid cry out thing, Cardiff jump and “Wheres your gary speed” your just sick cunts, The jump thing is seen as a joke, But the gary speed stuff just isnt funny, Its pathetic!

  9. Movies give us a reputation? no, what we have done in the 70s, 80s, 90s has. Your fans have become a joke, signing shitty Palace ‘ultra’ songs and even bubbles. If we had sung Swansea songs at you I’d be embarrassed. Cringeworhty stuff.

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