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  1. Today Cardiff City football club were approached by the family of LCpl Scanlon QDG, who was tragically killed in Afghanistan earlier this week, to see if the club would donate a club shirt to put in his coffin as he was a massive CCFC fan. Shockingly, the club said no as ‘they don’t do that sort of thing’. Please re-post this far and wide to ensure that the club is shamed by it’s behaviour..

  2. @Rentaghost76 Stop talking shit im lebanese , and the owner of ccfc is lebanese(or used to be i dunno if he still is) and he used to do it with the fans!! stop talking about racism i bet most cardiff city fans don’t even know who the shi’aa are(most muslims around the world are sunni) and they don’t mean anything by it. Go home and stop trying 2 prove that u’re above us all…

  3. PC brigade can u please just fuck off out of football….please?

    Let there be just one place where ppl can banter about things without fear of being collared by the thought-police…

    They don’t mean this in a malicious way clearly….this is just something cardiff fans do….

  4. My family is Iranian and I was raised shi’ite but I seriously don’t think this is anything to get riled up about. It’s just fun. Since there may be a lot of ignorance involved, you could always FIND racism if you looked for it, but it’s not as if these guys are mocking some other team with this. And the mourning ritual bit, just see the CONTEXT. This is the result of how media presented the islamist revolution of Khomeini. Media’s portrayal of Iranians is rooted in racism, but…

  5. @Rentaghost76 sad that someone born in 76 is already so steeped in political correctness that (s)he identifies a member of one social group doing ANYTHING that can be seen as ‘owned’ by a minority is racist. Do you use the word bungalow?…are you sure you’re not denegrating Indians?

  6. @Rentaghost76 whatever, up yours you stupid twat, its not racist and we dont care if it bores the balls off you – we do it! DO THE AYOTALLAH GAYBOY!!

  7. ridsdale have ayatolled you lot good and fucking proper,now fuck off into fotballing obscurity and just leave swansea city go to the premiership in peace….that is all my friends,that is all

  8. it actually started due to the death of a islamic leader called Ayotollah and at his funeral his followers did this to morn his death… cardiff fans picked it up from that. UP THE CITY!!

  9. cardiff doing the ayatollah originated from when the islamic religion were having a tough time, they were doing the ‘ayatollah’ to show they were having a bad time, and at the same time cardiff were going through thier own tough time, so then we adapted the ayatollah and it has become a symbol since, i dont know how this is racist but please reply? i would like to hear.

  10. You think Cardiff fans are racist? You’ve obviously never been to downtown docks!!!!! The most multi-cultural city In the United Kingdom.

  11. why dose every one class every cardiff fan the same if they took the time to come and see cardiff they would know we have alot of respect for every culture we had sam hamman there for years so get of our backs and get a life

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