Cardiff City defender Sol Bamba has been charged by the Football Association for his actions in the draw at Ipswich.

Bamba received a red card for his actions and he is poised to serve a two-game ban. However, the player could serve more match ban with the charge.

Jonathan Douglas roughly tackled Bamba, 31, during the game. The African reacted angrily, confronting the referee, fourth official and his manager Neil Warnock. Cardiff will ask for a personal hearing in light of the charge, Warnock claimed.

“We’re going to ask for a personal hearing. I think that’ll be done today,” Warnock said.

The club has until Friday evening to respond to the charge. Warnock admits that Samba behaved rashly but added that the club would contest some areas with the FA.

“We spoke to Sol yesterday and [Thursday] we looked at all the videos that the league have sent us and whilst we agree his conduct wasn’t right, we do have certain discrepancies in the report we find so we will be looking at a personal hearing for that,” the manager said.

Warnock added that the club would deal with the player internally later but was focused on dealing with the situation at hand. Warnock blamed the referee James Adcock for playing the advantage after Bamba was fouled.

“When you look at the video, the lad, Douglas, he knows what he’s doing. He’s left his foot in which wasn’t spotted by anybody, but that does not condone what he [Bamba] has done.

“The ref should have just blown for a foul. It would have saved a man getting sent off, it would have saved a man getting off, it would have saved 20 minutes of Bedlam, it would have saved me a lot of hassle,” Warnock said.

Bamba has apologized for his actions but the player is still billed for miss the home game against Barnsley. The Ivory Coast international was not available during the clash with Wolves this week. Bamba was distraught with happenings but reacted inappropriately. The player argued hotly with the fourth official before pushing away his manager who was holding his shirt round the neck.