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  1. Cardiff lost against arsenal because they were not ready and i love cardiff im from cardiff! piresjay as if you would just sit and watch your side losing and welsh aint crap it owns your english ass!!!

  2. i am english

    BUT i am the biggest cardiff fan i met all the players i got pictures of all of the players and i also done the half way challenge this season!!! I WISH I WAS WELSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. well glad u love it we hate ya no problem there then shame ur just a bunch of saw losing bastards cant take defeat no wonder ur friends with scotland and ireland cant understand there retarded language either cant understand what welsh people r chanting sounds like somoene getting raped lol well wale scotland and ireland they r all spackers oh and apart from ramsey he just wanted to play for a better club lol

  4. 🙂 Actually…ul find Wales, Scotland and Ireland get on sound togther, Celtic brothers. SO out of the British isles England are the most hated 🙂 So thats why we love it that you hate us 🙂

  5. cool well not alot of people like welsh people do they ya shouldnt even be in the coca cola championship u shud b in the welsh league battling out with teams like TNS lol saying that they would probably beat ya lol

  6. cardiff city r fucking tossers and welsh people r fucking weird i was at the emirates and i couldnt understand what u cardiff city fans were chanting seemed like a load of wlesh bullshit to me then wen u were losing u started chucking stuff on the pitch saw losing bastards that all u welsh cunts r u got fucked over by arsenal 4-0 eduardo u lot just couldnt handle him come on you gunners

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