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  1. Even though I am from Texas (Dallas Cowboys) and now live in New York City (NY Yankees), this song makes me give all my support to Cardiff City. Fly high Bluebirds, I love all of you guys. Give it your best and you will have your season in the sun.

  2. This brings it all back, remember my brother from Ireland City through and through until he moved came with on a coach with our mates and the only song was played was this and the karoke one while getting drunk on strongbow.
    Hearing Fox singing this and Hey jude the day after down the bay almost brought tears to my eyes and then the laughs started with Steve Thompson with his gutair with his tie around his head brilliant

  3. im a leicester fan but i love this song both the f.a cup one n the play off one id like cardiff to go up this yr :D to prove wales can be as gd as england ( Im a wales fan btw)

  4. @Trundle79 Craig Bellamy. DJ still at club, No transfer embargo. Money owed being paid back. Chopra still at club.

    2nd in league. Swansea 14th and in trouble.

    Oh dear indeed.

  5. @Trundle79 Well said mate. Proves your shit when even your home-town player walks out to go and play in a tinpot league.

    Swansea City 3-2 Cardiff Scum
    Blackpool 3-2 Cardiff Scum

    Weyheyyyyyyyyyyyy FUCK OFF.

  6. Playoff agony,Ledley jumping ship for free,DJ on his way,transfer embago,money owed to scores of clubs,crippling debt, Chopra wanting out as your club has no ambition.

    Oh dear

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