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  1. Great play-off final, though I walked out of Wembley absolutely gutted that day 🙁 Fair play, when the Pool went up I thought you would be an easy 6 points for most of the teams in the Premiership. You have shown a lot of quality so far this season and I can’t fault you. Hopefully, CCFC will do what they should have done last season and meet you again in 10/11

  2. @DouceyIsABlueBird now u can here the leeds fans singing ha ha ur support is poor only gave us 1.900ish poor n u brought just over 900 poor n david jones is a pedo shocking we.d av him out or is it a welsh thing thought it was just sheep u was in 2 u dont even sing m.o.t

  3. well done blackpool dont want a 3rd world country in the premnier shite fans only brung 900 2 leeds they only gave us 1.800ish there shit scared ov english aving 2 meet a fare few miles 2 get ur ticket then into away end n shit ground shit fans only sing 4 a few mins after they av scored david jones is a pedo m.o.t

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  5. @blackpoolfootyclub
    How many times did the cross bar save you in that final?
    i can guarentee if we get you in the FA Cup with the squad weve got now, we would shit all over you……

  6. 2 of the scrappiest goals i have ever seen. sweet free kick but was a keeper error more than skill.

    Should have shown all of our chances, i can still hear the post rining in my dreams.

    divine intervention FTL

  7. What did the Blackpool fan do after watching his team avoid relegation from the Premiership? Turn off his PS3 and get back into bed with his sister

  8. @schuberttweakle

    well to be fair looking at your music videos i cant say i like that type of music if im being honest. its too plinky plunky.

  9. @cyberash3000 Music is not so much a matter of taste as a matter of hearing and although I can not fault you on your taste in football team because quite evidently it is second to none. Musically however …………………

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