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  1. @alexbergin15 Blackpool didn’t sell there whole allocation, alot of the people in pubs around Blackpool would have been fans just for the day, the only chant they fucking know is ‘sea, sea, seasiders’ there was enough one day fans at Wembley never mind back in Blackpool.

  2. @markbowdenmagic
    tickets would have been hard to get and not everyone can get tickes!
    some not evan able to use it! use your brain, wembley cant hold everyone in blackpool

  3. @Knigrgdrad What a complete tool you look now. 4-0 at home against a team that was odds on to go down from the championship last year. Blackpool showed you queers how to defend in the second half…..You should be disgusted that you didn’t score more……10- 0 ……you’re having a laugh……..No doubt you’re supporting Man City now anyway you prick!!!! Suck My Cock its Blackpool Rock!!!

  4. @thepoolrgoingup They are supporting the town as much as the team, if you want Blackpool to barely scrape the 10,000 mark for gates forever then you’re going about it the right way!

  5. @Knigrgdrad Respect? Nah, that’s not really a word for fans of these super premier league franchaises is it? Gee I wish my team were as plastic as someone like Chelski.

  6. @thepoolrgoingup well said..i’v been going to the home matches for two years i started following they mighty seasiders before olly came in..but yeah next year is gonna be brilliant

  7. Well done Blackpool from Sunderland – Wonder which fans are going to have to watch a midweek night match at Bloomfield Rd instead of enjoying a full weekend on the raz in Blackpool?

  8. @markbowdenmagic Just watching South Africa v Mexico. Loads of big screens all over the country SA. Are they fans for the day just because they are not in the ground.

  9. fao markbowdenmagic – i didnt go to wembley because i was stupid in the past and have a banning order against me,rest assured i have followed BLACKPOOL FC through all the bad times and i will be following them long after all the glory prem supporters have long gone.UP THE MIGHTY BLACKPOOL F.C

  10. @Knigrgdrad Rather a northern monkey than a shandy drinking southern bed wetter. By the way your choice of the word sanctimonious was used in the incorrect context you ill educated soft southern toss pot.

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